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Merci For Mercy - part 1

Batool Says" Thank You Allah" - Hand painted in watercolor

Assalam o Alaikum and peace to all!

I am very excited to share what i have come to know of mercy...The joy it has brought to my life is worth sharing for sure:)

It is only fair to be thankful towards someone who shows mercy to us. So " Merci for Mercy"

is what i want to share today.

 What is a mercy far greater than any or unlike any other? How would i feel if i were to get that kind of
mercy from some one!

The only place I discovered this kind of mercy was truly an attribute of Our Lord! 
His name Ya Rahman(o)! which means All Merciful! Although i had heard and known about  this attribute of Allah swt for a long time.. since i was a kid and also through a Surah in the Quran - Surah Rahman, Chapter number 55.
It was never clear to me the difference between All Merciful and just Merciful 

What i found recently was just a sign of how much i had never understood ( one of our teachers says in our theology explanations: " the more I know, the more I realize how much I don't know " So beautiful!, its like entering a door to find a room full of many more doors !!!)

...The word Rahman comes from the word "RAHM" meaning the womb in arabic. Wow! now it gets interesting... A Womb is a place that nourishes a child unconditionally; protects and cuddles.

A child may be a cause  of discomfort but a womb still gives comfort...that's unconditional ! It is so remarkable that Allah swt, the Master of the worlds, the King of kings, didn't need to show mercy towards us because He is  Self-Subsisting. In contrast to HIM, the rule of this world has been that the more powerful you are the more arrogant you become. When there is no need to be nice then why should you be nice!

And yet Our Lord shows His humility and love towards us by not just choosing any word to describe Himself but a word that roots from the word WOMB, the most secure and unconditional place for any one to be.  This also means that there is no 'tyranny, injustice, or unfairness' in the way God is towards us. But then how do we explain His everlasting unconditional mercy when we find our prayers unanswered, a place we didn't want to be in life or trying situations...???

Let me share a parable with you:

The world is full of millions of goodies. Out of those millions, u can't have what ever u desire.

It's like a child going to a store full of  a million things. It's not necssary that the parent will buy what so ever the kid may point a finger at. Because kid's wisdom cannot fathom the harms of his desire. But the parent's wisdom can encompass all the negatives of buying that item of desire.    

So there may be things u may desire and may even get them. But mostly u won't always get every thing because it may be bad for u. Thus a child who complies with parents because he trusts their wisdom stays a happy child. And a child who doesn't trust them lives a very unhappy, unsatisfied and resentful life. 

Have u ever seen a wise parent who is extremely rich, buy the whole toy store for a child? Any day if a rich parent would do that u would say... They're spoiling the child!!

does that look spoilt or what!!

 God is our best Guardian. He wants the best for us and He doesn't burden us with more than we can handle. Because He knows our strengths and weaknesses. He trusts us with a burden, but sadly we are the ones who dont have faith in our own abilities at times !

This  also goes to say that the trials and difficulties too are a form of His Mercy....Wonder how? 
Being a mother you too punish your child. Like, may be ground him or take away a privilege... For what? So you could make him learn a lesson,  make him more grateful, humble and a better person. If a mother doesn't reprimand a child for stealing an eraser from school, that child may well never understand what it means to steal!! In that case if a mother punishes a child for stealing, that too is her mercy!

Thank You Lord for not leaving me on my own or forgetting me, but for keeping an eye on me!
In order to understand the workings of this life and to persevere successfully, we not only need to have faith in the presence of God but more so in His Absolute Wisdom that supersedes all Divine Decisions!

May We All bask In The Light Of His Mercy!...untill next time 

NEXT BLOG : next time i will be showing you my "Ya RAHMAN" painting and the secret to creating a beautiful backdrop effect as seen in the paintings above, i will also share a few more insights into YA RAHMAN!

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