Friday, February 22, 2013

The Dharna was Not Shia (author unknown)

The Dharna was Not Shia!I spent 12 hours at the Dharna at Teen Talwar, Clifton, against the Shia genocide. When I joined it at Bilawal House last month, I had arrived 10 hours after the proceedings had started. The place was already packed with thousands of Shia protesters and being a Sunni I was intimidated. The repeated chants of "Labaik Ya Hussian" and "Ya Ali" were deafening and frightening. I was confused whether I should join in as I actually pondered if these chants were blasphemous. I felt alienated listening to various references to the Imams who aren't discussed in our mainstream curriculum.  Speaker after speaker made references to how the Shia population was a target, how they were the oppressed, how they were the victims. I felt frustrated thinking that the Quetta bombing was first and foremost a human tragedy, a national tragedy so why wasn't it being treated as one. I looked around and found the answer. If the protest was not a national protest, then why should I expect the victims to be identified as Pakistanis. If the organizers were Shia and the vast majority of protesters were Shia then why shouldn't they have the right to highlight their victimization at a sectarian level. Belonging to the majority sect of Pakistan, it was embarrassing to find myself in the minority in this protest.  At that time I realized that I was not intimidated because the Shias were hostile or unfriendly upon learning about my sect. In fact every Shia who learnt about my identity, came forward, shook my hand and thanked me for coming. The fear crept from inside from my deep rooted bias which is instilled in most Sunni children as how Shias secretly hate Sunnis. Sadly, the opposite appeared to be true.  Hence, this time I had made a point to be there from the very start and encouraged all my Sunni friends to do the same. When I arrived along with my friends, there were just three people standing on Teen Talwar looking in all direction trying to spot co-protesters. We walked up and joined it. People drove by paying no attention. 10 more people joined in, but the bystanders appeared unbothered. Suddenly, I heard someone scream at the top of their voice "Naray-e-Haideri!". The cars slowed down, the traffic Police took notice. I turned around to find that the voice was not of a Shia protestor, but of my friend, Nadir, a Sunni. I couldn't hold back the smile on my face. What started with 3, reached the strength of close to 3000 in a few hours.  This lot of protestors appeared more mature and well aware than that at Bilawal House. This time slogans were not chanted against America but against Taliban. Western Powers were not blamed for sectarian violence, but Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Sipah-e-Sahaba were bluntly blamed. This Dharna was not in denial. They were willing to accept that terrorism is a home grown problem. Protesters stopped chanting "tum kitnay shia maro gey?" and asked "tum kitnay insaan maro gey?" The goods things from the Bilawal House Dharna were also carried forward here and one had to be there to note those finer details. Teenage boys who were risking their life by volunteering as security guards (unarmed), then there were volunteers who had made a makeshift kitchen and were serving tea, then there were those who were distributing juices, biscuits and biryanis, then there volunteers as young as 5 and as old as 70 carrying out trash bags collecting used paper cups and wrappers. No public or private property was allowed to be damaged. In all of those volunteers there was a lesson to be learnt; the lesson of selflessness, the lesson of civic responsibility, the lesson of unconditional patriotism and the lesson of community. Unfortunately, one sad fact also remained common between both Dharnas. Sunnis were again a minority. And now I want to ask the Sunni readers why? Why is Hazara killings not our concern? Why is Shia genocide not our concern? If it is then where were the Sunni Protesters? Why did we let this Dharna be reduced to a Shia protest too? Does only the death of a Sunni boy or girl has the exclusive privilege of being reported as a Pakistani death? For those Sunni readers who really aren't bothered about a Shia death, they should know that not all Hazaras who died in the bomb blasts were Shia. Every single time such a tragedy takes place the ignorance of the Sunnis results in only more ridicule for Pakistan at the international level as we expose to the world how polarized and inhumane we are that we cannot even condemn terrorism and loss of innocent lives as one united nation. But at home, the damage is worse. We make our Shia countrymen realize that they are alone. We tell them that we will celebrate 14th August together, that we will dance on the streets upon our cricketing victories together, that in the good times we will be there, but that's where the brotherhood stops. In the time of mourning and against threat you are alone. At most, we will extend our sympathies on social networking websites. Attending the protest as a Sunni did not make me a better Pakistani, but what did sitting at home and just updating your facebook status against the genocide made you? There were thousands of Pakistani students who took part in the "Occupy University" Campaign in England in 2008 in protest against Israeli occupation of Gaza. Sadly, most of them choose to sit at home now because apparently Palestinians are more Pakistani than Shias. Step up and step out. Be a part of something. Make the protest Pakistani. Make this tragedy Pakistani. Make the demands Pakistani. Make yourself Pakistani.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Nothing to lose

Dear friends

Assalam o alaikum..peace to all

The following post is about the LONG MARCH which yielded us the Islamabad long march Declaration 17th January 2013.The reason such a political event is being discussed in my blog is because it was one of the biggest ever most peaceful sit-in we have ever witnessed in Pakistan and surely it ended in a wave of joy for all those present there and many others.

I write today with an utter urge to express my thoughts which I have never felt before. As I do this I realize what a blessing this is for people like me who want to bring about a change and, random find a way to pitch in.
I would like to analyze a few political aspects of the long march that shook the whole country. I analyse it not as a journalist, a politician or an oppressed civilian in a literal way. I am a house wife bringing up kids in a very comfortable home environment.We don’t have major issues like absence of gas or water or electricity and thus I confess…I am a part of the elite . I do not need to be a part of the change that this country needs but that I want to. I have a strive and a passion to side with the oppressed.  A motto that I shouldn’t wait for some one else to change this country but that ,”I” need to be the change.

I am  a bystander of what happened in Islamabad only via television. I will not say that I am not biased because my emotions take the better of me. I cry when I see the oppressed being heard, out of joy. So my passion grips me and leaves no room for impartiality. Furthermore, I  believe that no human can ever be truly impartial…he may pretend to, but he isn’t.

(One thing I kept in mind while writing this was that people say that Dr Tahir ul Qadri wants to get into power..)

So here goes. As things move forward I hear people and the media say millions of things and then my mind wants to talk back with some replies.I am trying to evaluate the people in power who play with us as a nation and see if we really lost much or otherwise.

Firstly, the reason Dr Tahir was unable to gain trust by those who didn’t trust him was because he sounded too good to be true. So people automatically resorted to “fear the unknown” phenomenon…with out feeling pushed to do some googling etc. So is it better to leave the country in the hands of a guy who wants autonomous powers, alters and amends constitution, election procedures…to ensure he gets re-elected, or some one who apparently strictly does every thing with in the limits of law and enlivens the nation.

Secondly, what is better, Zardari and his likes(if there is any) who uses money and guns to buy peoples' support or , Dr Tahir who gained  support by winning peoples hearts.

Is it better to let Zardari campaign out of government's funds or have Dr Tahir Campaign with unknown, non Pakistani funds.

Is it better to have a convict, with major corruption cases currently open, sit as a prime minister/president Or a man who is being investigated vigorously in an utter frustration for any crime what so ever.And nothing has been found against him as yet..

Is it better to have a guy who has unimaginable amounts of dough in Switzerland and other secret bank accounts all over the world or a person who has a Canadian nationality and no record of theft from govt of Pakistan so far.

Not giving up Canadian nationality also entails that Dr Qadri cannot enter the Pakistani politics officially. So why are we thinking he wants to be the next prime minister…I mean those are things we can think of when the time comes…

so anyway...
Is it better to be scared of a president who can sabotage our finances and kidnap our men women and children at the drop of a hat or, a lawyer turned cleric who wears a funny hat(which I don't think is funny at all ...its just something new).

Is it better to stay with politicians who have fake degrees ( sometimes of grade 8 level education even leave apart Bachelors) or the suspicious man who looks brave, talks peoples' heart and has a Phd.

Is it better to have politicians who cant talk or read in English or the guy who fluently switches between English and urdu…(be honest to yourself...we do understand the value of English) 

Is it better to stick with a government that takes money from Taliban and gives them the permission to enjoy a blood bath in our cities or someone who openly condemns it and had left the country on these grounds.

Is it better to have five more years of well known torture and agony at the hands of a 10% man or take a chance with some one who wants to strictly scrutinize and flush out the political system.

Is it better to sit at home and whine about no electricity, gas or water which would gain us nothing or go out and try our luck, sit with no water, electricity or gas on the road and try and change something.

Is it really bearable to see those same thugs come back and forth and rob our country and make us look like really really big fools when they come and do it again and then they  come and do it yet another time and then have no shame to stand for elections yet another time…imagine repeating myself in writing makes us feel stupid and these guys rule our country and we still let them do it. WE LET THEM DO IT
So even if we fear the unknown isn’t it time we at least see a different face……(we surely deserve that.)

And last but not the least is it better to have governments who play with peoples lives Or, a supposedly con man who plays with peoples hearts and feelings…and promises and proves  to have done no loss what so ever in the most trying of conditions.

Let me know what you think..this or that or …..what?

--*At least there is hope ...that's the difference between yesterday and today !!!*--

With Duas
Stay Blessed
Fatimah Agha

p.s please overlook my grammar and punctuation mistakes this was written in a real rush while baby sitting two kids :)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Why did the shooting happen...whats happening to our children>

Why did the shooting happen...whats happening to our children?

 I live in Pakistan and we have problems of our own. but we dont have kids shooting toddlers....I have studied sociology and world history etc and feel i can comment about the deep rooted social problems that plague the American Society. Along with the Media that is a monster on the loose.

The fact that majority of the people cant maintain to stay in wedlock with one partner...if there IS a wedlock to start with...leads to the fact that majority of the children do not have a mentally calming and secure environment to grow up in. We all know how disturbing it is for children to grow up with single parents or lesbian and gay couples or parents who keep changing partners...because nature didn't intend it to be that way. why isnt there a natural way to procreate in a same sex marriage? if one were to study child psychology a strong family environment is essential for perfectly mentally healthy child.
a child in his secret thoughts always yearns to draw a family with a permanent dad and mom!!!!
the seeds of discontentment are sown here. mental health is seriously damaged.

The Media on the other hand promotes movies like the Batman and the homocidal clown.I couldnt even beleive that kids were watching such horror films..and yet parents let them. going around killing people for a thrill are not looked down upon, the censor board of Hollywood movies needs to take these things into account but they dont care about your child they only care about money. its sad how majority of the people find nothing wrong with these things. 

the fact that some kids have special needs..yes i absolutely agree . but the idea is that a bad environment that is emotionally and mentally unsatisfactory for a normal child will be worse for a child with special needs. When a normal kid is denied these basic family needs, there is no surprise he grows up to acquire special problems. becasue there is never a way to pin point what triggered a mental condition.

I feel very strongly that Americans are in a sand quick that is sucking away normal family life from them which is spreading all over the world....and the Media like i said is a monster on the lose. We need to fix these issues or else the degeneration of the society may lead to even worse incidents. May God Help us....but first we need to help ourselves.

Where are the cars?

Where Are The Cars?

Wty...I thought where is the crowd.?.where is the hussainy spirit to stand with a brave heart, in the face of the tyrants and the merciless killers.....I entered the tents and the main area...WOW ...we are here and its happening now...a revolution in the making...there is enough food and water for everyone...fearless mothers and adamant youth...the energy seemed to be building every second.... and yet I wondered why weren't there enough cars?...why was the parking lot empty?... and then I got an answer.....

Those who have a a motor bike or a cycle or just enough fair to ride on a bus..go every day to work but one day they never return...because they were SHIA....because of the name on their id cards or the aqeeq ring in their hands...they are butchered.their families suffer..anguish, trauma and frustration when they get an opportunity to protest. ..their prayers seem to have been answered. ..

Yet the guy who drives with gps, trakker, security guards etc ..lives a life of a callousness, a numbness, self centeredness.then one day he gets a threat call and the next day he moves out of the country.this man finds no reason to protest.this man has no reason to put his life at risk for a greater cause.this man waits until he dies his death of will not find this man's car in the parking lot near a protest in karachi.

Peaceful Sit-in

Government of Pakistan and Leaders all over the world turn a deaf ear as the Shia Muslims of Pakistan demand for the basic right to security of life in their own country. Urge the leaders in pakistan and worldwide to take a tangible step as it is being demanded more so right now through a peaceful protest in process at the famous Numaish Square in Karachi Pakistan..millions are sitting there calling for help..As the Pakistani Govt. pays no heed... -- We can make the Government listen to our demands but only with a massive global outcry!

Why this is important
We the shia muslims are facing ethnic/race/belief cleansing in Pakistan. we are not safe any where in our own country. we cannot leave our homes. We don't know if we will be back home if we leave. we are labelled blasphemous. we are killed for our belief.

We have human rights and no one recognizes them

For years the situation is escalating and the Government is heedless.

we need the world to know we are a peaceful nation and we have a right to a safe life. WE ARE HUMANS!!!

we were in the process of a peaceful process at the Numaish Square in Karachi and the government seems to have heard us but We want the momentum to escalate and take shape of a tangible solution. Don't let the cry of the victims go unheard.Make the Government finish their duty and fulfill their promises till the very last step

please use the following links :¬if_t=fbpage_fan_invite

Please make it important to sign the petition below:

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Design i see it

Assalam o Alaikum

Dear friends,
Here is my recent interview with a student from Brown University on the impact of Islamic art and culture on American fashion.She wanted to know what goes behind my designs and poured out my heart to her :)

I think it clearly describes the way i feel and think about 
designing clothes. Hope you will enjoy reading it :) and please share your feedback.

This is one of the posters designed to be put up in mosques across many cities ..

hi Amy,

my name is Fatimah and i was born and brought up in Pakistan. i come from an educated and open minded family where logic and reason are of importance. i was also brought up to believe in Islam with my logic and reason and no coercion. therefore my understanding of religion is, so to speak, not influenced by culture or prejudices of any kind. i have always tried to understand the various aspects of islam through logical means.

therefore to me a religion is something that should be beneficial to all cultures, ethnicities, races etc. it should be user friendly and a complete way of life. a way in which we can grow spiritually, physically, intellectually, morally, ethically etc

Around 10 years ago i got married to a practicing muslim, open minded man who had just finished college from California Fullerton University. A very good man at heart and full of solutions and passion to change the world. 

He suggested that a muslim woman's clothing should allow her to be active, comfortable and beautiful all at the same time respecting the boundaries of modesty as suggested by the Islamic Sharia Law. One can say that casual american clothing allows mobility for women, but mostly ignores the ideas of modesty as i know it. I wanted to create clothing that was an amalgamation of all these traits. Most of the fashion clothing available on muslim websites don't respect all the aspects of modesty. For example they don't consider it vital that the silhouette of the body shouldn't be obvious or fabric shouldn't be clingy. they also don't specifically care for the coverage of the chest, which to my understanding is vital for hijab. clothes need to be loose! period.

Some of the the good quality muslim clothing available is too expensive. Other cheaper ones provide low quality garments. 

I feel that since my garments are made to the specific needs of a person, my prices are very reasonable for a custom made garment, as my cost per piece is very high.

........Therefore, 6 years ago when my sister moved to Australia, all she wanted was chic modest clothing. she loved to be an Australian Muslim and she wanted to look as much of an Australian as much a muslim...but no one was catering to all!
My understanding of religion told me to apply the formula of modesty to an equation which supported comfort, beauty and mobility as well as Assimilation into any western Culture. It didn't mean that we will lose our identity and fall into the traps of the west threatening our culture, but that together we could evolve for the betterment of human kind.we can take the best of both and create solutions...

These are my personal inspirations and thoughts that go into the designing of each garment..furthermore, i recently finished a beginners' course in fashion designing from a prestigious Art School of Pakistan called " Indus Valley school of Arts and Architecture". here i was given an assignment to write about a fashion designer that inspires you... and i wrote my essay on "Ralph Lauren"
I came to realize that just the way Ralph Lauren gave Casual Clothing a class of its own, i wanted to create clothing for muslim women who could look like they are going for groceries...wearing awesome casual yes i am a huge fan of and truly inspired by Ralph Lauren Designs.

The other thing that truly makes my work absolutely different is that i only deal with customized orders. My aim is to benefit people with a clothing store that caters to their individual requirements. they shouldn't need to run through the malls of the entire world and still come home disappointed for following their faith and the tenets of modesty. My self and many many other muslim women find it frustrating to find beautiful and elegant clothing, that fits into western culture and yet stays comfortable and modest. my sister told me" i need to cover my arms and my hips, but for that either i find a short length shirt with long sleeves or a sleeveless/ shortsleeve shirt with long length shirt... i'm tired of layering myself in hot weathers and i still end up looking like I'm wearing a million clothes..."

this is the story of many muslims i know and i want to ease their lives by doing my part.i want them to wear minimum number of garments with maximum beauty and modesty!

So guess what.... majority of my customers are new converts to Islam along with a lot of non-muslims looking for modest clothing. New muslims don't have to leave their culture and jeans just because they have a change of heart and faith. Islam teaches us to respect every one. it teaches us mercy, compassion and reasoning. I believe each one of my garments have these deep and strong inspirations, thoughts and ideas behind them. 
One of my most popular items is the salat outfit. this out fit takes seconds to put on and makes sure all the requirements for coverage in salat are met. e.g., hair, chin, arms till wrist and legs till ankles and that the figure of the body shouldn't show and clothes shouldn't be see through. many converts, new to the idea of coverage, like it that they have a way to be ready for salat without the hassle of tying a million clothes...that is a SOLUTION..this makes world a better place by helping some one and causing ease in their lifestyle ;) islam isnt restrictive, many times its applications are inappropriate and proper solutions haven't been sought.

I chose fabrics that are not see through but breathing so that with covering up, we don't feel hot. cottons are also not clingy and that too is very important so i like cottons. Georgettes stay dry and washing and drying is very convenient. i like to use light pastel colors but i welcome individual choices and i want people to love what they wear.. with 100% satisfaction...thats what i'm passionate about. 

So that's about it.

with best wishes

Some of my designs.....

New tags and labels :)

work done at the fashion designing course

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Merci for Mercy - part 2

Name  of Allah "Ya Rahmano" - All Merciful
Hand painted in watercolor

Assalam o Alaikum and peace to All!

Inshallah today I will try to sum up most of the important aspects of Ya Rahmano 
that i have been making notes of as a continuation to my last post. Plus a short tutorial into creating a unique background in watercolor paintings as you can see in the painting shown above.

The idea of unconditional love from Allah swt is a very comforting feeling. But I must say that this comfort only came to stay once I had developed a certain amount of trust in Allah being all merciful. so much trust that when things go wrong, instead of blaming God for messing up my life, I started looking for the reason behind an event or a circumstance.I started wondering, that if the equation only results in mercy then I need to find His mercy in this time of trial...Almost like a crossword puzzle..trying to figure out the secret-lesson that He wants to teach me! Wow...I started feeling  liberated and at much less blame, hurt, negativity and bitterness... and so much more to live for. I started to see how much i had learnt out of just trying to be patient.

Well its almost like saying, I tried to put on a pair of shades, shades that make every thing around me or happening to me, look like a sign of mercy of Allah swt.  absolutely everything.This is the most liberating feeling ever.... I was some what able to get rid of all my grudges, my regrets, any hurtful feelings etc.All the bitterness and stink just felt like it was washing away..

But how does one get to that stage of stability. A place where your inside is calm and focused. How can we trust Allah's Love and Mercy so much that no matter what calamity (in our point of view) falls on us, we still say...ShukrAlhamdolillah ( Thank you Lord)!!

A friend once said...that such a thing is only possible if you "pretend" you are thankful. How can anyone  ever, in their right mind say thank you God if they lose a leg... for example..

Let me share a true story here:

A woman was seen saying thank you Lord all the time. There are a lot of people who
say that all the time but its not surprising. What was shocking about this lady was that she had no eyes, no arms and no legs!!!! 

(Hello!!! what is she saying thank you for... such a deprived life...can God be any tougher on her !!!)

and yet she was always seen saying thank you Lord...
Once she was asked why she thanked Allah when she was so crippled
and the reply came,

 " Thank you God for if I had eyes, i may have seen sinful sights....
Thank you God for if I had legs i may have trespassed into sinful places...
Thank you God for if I had arms/hands, I may have committed sinful Acts..."

To me this story is absolutely inspiring and yet some people become very cynical and say that's CRAZY!

The idea is that life isn't very sweet for any one, its always a challenge...Challenge to accept and value! but its not so simple and yet when there is a WILL, there IS a way!.. and the simple way that I found is probably to "see the half glass full, instead of half glass empty.

Moreover, what worked a miracle for me was some SPACE. I call it MENTAL SPACE..away from Facebook, chick flick movies (movies that instigate and amplify carnal desires) and from people who have a negative attitude towards life. After doing all this (which took a lot of will power and self control, especially with internet access at our finger tips on iPhones etc..) I finally realized how much I had cluttered my mind with Mindlessness and unnecessary mental clutter, desires, stubborn desires and non-productive activities...... 

Voila!! I finally found some time and space...
But this is not enough, freedom of time has to be used with wisdom and I yearn for freedom from a jabbering mind...a mind that only made me feel inadequate, discontented and unsatisfied????

 Meditation...ooooooo, meditation really helped changed my life a lot!! initially books like Qunoot, and  "light within me"  inspired me  to do zikr and that practice started to turn into a beautiful habit. 

When ever a negative thought or feeling would come I would try and forget about every thing, make an image any of Allah's Name in my mind and do zikr of it...BUT you can't fight your thoughts all the time, you have to let them flow by, fighting with the thoughts to to stop them is like..... thinking about those very thoughts!! isn't it???

But does Quran tell us to Meditate??
One of our teachers took us by surprise when he said, Quran is full of meditations!! "Really"? i was wondering..and then he explained... He said that every time Quran says " afala Ya'ta dabbaroon" Why don't you think, why don't you ponder .or ponder over this ....etc these are all invitations from God for us to sit and ponder.These ARE the meditations!

One of my very favorite ones is Ayat 99 of  Surah Anam (6).

وَهُوَ الَّذى أَنزَلَ مِنَ السَّماءِ ماءً فَأَخرَجنا بِهِ نَباتَ كُلِّ شَيءٍ فَأَخرَجنا مِنهُ خَضِرًا نُخرِجُ مِنهُ حَبًّا مُتَراكِبًا وَمِنَ النَّخلِ مِن طَلعِها قِنوانٌ دانِيَةٌ وَجَنّٰتٍ مِن أَعنابٍ وَالزَّيتونَ وَالرُّمّانَ مُشتَبِهًا وَغَيرَ مُتَشٰبِهٍ ۗ انظُروا إِلىٰ ثَمَرِهِ إِذا أَثمَرَ وَيَنعِهِ ۚ إِنَّ فى ذٰلِكُم لَءايٰتٍ لِقَومٍ يُؤمِنونَ
English-Pickthall translation

He it is Who sendeth down water from the sky, and therewith We bring forth buds of every kind; We bring forth the green blade from which We bring forth the thick-clustered grain; and from the date-palm, from the pollen thereof, spring pendant bunches; and (We bring forth) gardens of grapes, and the olive and the pomegranate, alike and unlike. Look upon the fruit thereof, when they bear fruit, and upon its ripening. Lo! herein verily are portents for a people who believe.

These are surely wonderful, mesmerizing meditations that you can do all the time,in the car, while eating, in the garden.. ALL THE TIME. and the most beautiful thing is that they bring so much Trust in Allah!!

How's that?

Well, what clicked me was the Absolute predictability with which Allah works. There are no undue delays, no mood swings... nothing..just dicsplane and  expectability. With out fail a night follows the day and a day follows a night...  He blesses a non believer with the very same fruits, that He blesses a believer with...the apple seed is always available in an apple. Imagine if God  wouldn't put seeds into any apples one year? no apples forever..apples would go extinct !! that's dinosaurs have gone extinct!!
Every year when a farmer sows the apple seeds he trusts God to grow them.... isn't it? We just don't know it but subconsciously we are at a certain level of peace because we trust God to do His work impeccably!If we didn't trust Him it would be like a guy getting married the next day but he frets about the sun coming out on time the next day or not!!

The sheer fact that laws of physics can be taught in textbooks year after year is a proof of the flawlessness with which Allah works. So if we can trust Him with these petty details  (in our ignorant point of view) of life, why can't we trust Him when He says 'I am Ar Rahman' The All Merciful!! matter what you do I LOVE YOU!!!!
The more one meditates about Allah's perfect ways of working, the more one absorbs a sense of trust and a constant feeling that 'I have some one PERFECT, REALIABLE and WHO LOVES ME SO MUCH AS THOUGH HE'S CRAZY ABOUT ME (so he would never ever leave me alone) and FULL OF WISDOM (he would never take a wrong decision for me)  so as to rely on Him at all times ...24/7" .... 

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could experience that kind of absolute serenity where we have nothing to worry about!!! ... lets keep trying inshallah! Allah says you take one step towards me an I will take ten steps for you .... SubhanAllah :)

(Please leave your comments so i can get a feel of how much more i need to go into detail in this subject...
there is lots and many resources you can go through for a better understanding too...let me know)

Now its time for the water painting tutorial:

waterford paper seal of authentication
One of the key ingredients in getting a beautiful watercolor painting is the right choice of paper..I use waterford. Please make sure your water is clean, drinking water may even be better for places where water is chemically treated too much... but i use normal tap water :)
 ok so here goes:

1. Apply water to the entire area of background with a thick paint brush.

2. use colors like raw sienna, yellow ochre, Red umber, burnt umbre, vandyke brown. use the guide given below to find the corresponding colors from your palette. the following is available on the leaflet that comes with Cotman watercolor paints by Winsor and Newton.

3. Add water to your paints and create appropriate colors in your palette. 

4. Now paint on the already wet areas of background on your paper.

5. As you paint, start sprinkling Salt over the wet painted areas. Leave the salt on the paper until the paint dries up.

6. As the painting dries up, you will start seeing the effects more prominently. Let the painting dry up completely, then brush out all the salt with clean dry hands or  dry white tissue paper.

7. Now start painting the other stuff... Hope this was helpful ... have fun painting :)
Please feel free to ask any questions ...i'll be happy to hear from you all :)

May we all be honored to become the utterly humble servants of the All Merciful one day!
With prayers and best wishes for all ... Fee amanAllah until next time !!

Upcoming Blogs will discuss: getting rid of negativity and acceptance of what is......inshaAllah!
more tutorials too :)