Sunday, December 16, 2012

Peaceful Sit-in

Government of Pakistan and Leaders all over the world turn a deaf ear as the Shia Muslims of Pakistan demand for the basic right to security of life in their own country. Urge the leaders in pakistan and worldwide to take a tangible step as it is being demanded more so right now through a peaceful protest in process at the famous Numaish Square in Karachi Pakistan..millions are sitting there calling for help..As the Pakistani Govt. pays no heed... -- We can make the Government listen to our demands but only with a massive global outcry!

Why this is important
We the shia muslims are facing ethnic/race/belief cleansing in Pakistan. we are not safe any where in our own country. we cannot leave our homes. We don't know if we will be back home if we leave. we are labelled blasphemous. we are killed for our belief.

We have human rights and no one recognizes them

For years the situation is escalating and the Government is heedless.

we need the world to know we are a peaceful nation and we have a right to a safe life. WE ARE HUMANS!!!

we were in the process of a peaceful process at the Numaish Square in Karachi and the government seems to have heard us but We want the momentum to escalate and take shape of a tangible solution. Don't let the cry of the victims go unheard.Make the Government finish their duty and fulfill their promises till the very last step

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