Sunday, December 16, 2012

Where are the cars?

Where Are The Cars?

Wty...I thought where is the crowd.?.where is the hussainy spirit to stand with a brave heart, in the face of the tyrants and the merciless killers.....I entered the tents and the main area...WOW ...we are here and its happening now...a revolution in the making...there is enough food and water for everyone...fearless mothers and adamant youth...the energy seemed to be building every second.... and yet I wondered why weren't there enough cars?...why was the parking lot empty?... and then I got an answer.....

Those who have a a motor bike or a cycle or just enough fair to ride on a bus..go every day to work but one day they never return...because they were SHIA....because of the name on their id cards or the aqeeq ring in their hands...they are butchered.their families suffer..anguish, trauma and frustration when they get an opportunity to protest. ..their prayers seem to have been answered. ..

Yet the guy who drives with gps, trakker, security guards etc ..lives a life of a callousness, a numbness, self centeredness.then one day he gets a threat call and the next day he moves out of the country.this man finds no reason to protest.this man has no reason to put his life at risk for a greater cause.this man waits until he dies his death of will not find this man's car in the parking lot near a protest in karachi.

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