Saturday, January 19, 2013

Nothing to lose

Dear friends

Assalam o alaikum..peace to all

The following post is about the LONG MARCH which yielded us the Islamabad long march Declaration 17th January 2013.The reason such a political event is being discussed in my blog is because it was one of the biggest ever most peaceful sit-in we have ever witnessed in Pakistan and surely it ended in a wave of joy for all those present there and many others.

I write today with an utter urge to express my thoughts which I have never felt before. As I do this I realize what a blessing this is for people like me who want to bring about a change and, random find a way to pitch in.
I would like to analyze a few political aspects of the long march that shook the whole country. I analyse it not as a journalist, a politician or an oppressed civilian in a literal way. I am a house wife bringing up kids in a very comfortable home environment.We don’t have major issues like absence of gas or water or electricity and thus I confess…I am a part of the elite . I do not need to be a part of the change that this country needs but that I want to. I have a strive and a passion to side with the oppressed.  A motto that I shouldn’t wait for some one else to change this country but that ,”I” need to be the change.

I am  a bystander of what happened in Islamabad only via television. I will not say that I am not biased because my emotions take the better of me. I cry when I see the oppressed being heard, out of joy. So my passion grips me and leaves no room for impartiality. Furthermore, I  believe that no human can ever be truly impartial…he may pretend to, but he isn’t.

(One thing I kept in mind while writing this was that people say that Dr Tahir ul Qadri wants to get into power..)

So here goes. As things move forward I hear people and the media say millions of things and then my mind wants to talk back with some replies.I am trying to evaluate the people in power who play with us as a nation and see if we really lost much or otherwise.

Firstly, the reason Dr Tahir was unable to gain trust by those who didn’t trust him was because he sounded too good to be true. So people automatically resorted to “fear the unknown” phenomenon…with out feeling pushed to do some googling etc. So is it better to leave the country in the hands of a guy who wants autonomous powers, alters and amends constitution, election procedures…to ensure he gets re-elected, or some one who apparently strictly does every thing with in the limits of law and enlivens the nation.

Secondly, what is better, Zardari and his likes(if there is any) who uses money and guns to buy peoples' support or , Dr Tahir who gained  support by winning peoples hearts.

Is it better to let Zardari campaign out of government's funds or have Dr Tahir Campaign with unknown, non Pakistani funds.

Is it better to have a convict, with major corruption cases currently open, sit as a prime minister/president Or a man who is being investigated vigorously in an utter frustration for any crime what so ever.And nothing has been found against him as yet..

Is it better to have a guy who has unimaginable amounts of dough in Switzerland and other secret bank accounts all over the world or a person who has a Canadian nationality and no record of theft from govt of Pakistan so far.

Not giving up Canadian nationality also entails that Dr Qadri cannot enter the Pakistani politics officially. So why are we thinking he wants to be the next prime minister…I mean those are things we can think of when the time comes…

so anyway...
Is it better to be scared of a president who can sabotage our finances and kidnap our men women and children at the drop of a hat or, a lawyer turned cleric who wears a funny hat(which I don't think is funny at all ...its just something new).

Is it better to stay with politicians who have fake degrees ( sometimes of grade 8 level education even leave apart Bachelors) or the suspicious man who looks brave, talks peoples' heart and has a Phd.

Is it better to have politicians who cant talk or read in English or the guy who fluently switches between English and urdu…(be honest to yourself...we do understand the value of English) 

Is it better to stick with a government that takes money from Taliban and gives them the permission to enjoy a blood bath in our cities or someone who openly condemns it and had left the country on these grounds.

Is it better to have five more years of well known torture and agony at the hands of a 10% man or take a chance with some one who wants to strictly scrutinize and flush out the political system.

Is it better to sit at home and whine about no electricity, gas or water which would gain us nothing or go out and try our luck, sit with no water, electricity or gas on the road and try and change something.

Is it really bearable to see those same thugs come back and forth and rob our country and make us look like really really big fools when they come and do it again and then they  come and do it yet another time and then have no shame to stand for elections yet another time…imagine repeating myself in writing makes us feel stupid and these guys rule our country and we still let them do it. WE LET THEM DO IT
So even if we fear the unknown isn’t it time we at least see a different face……(we surely deserve that.)

And last but not the least is it better to have governments who play with peoples lives Or, a supposedly con man who plays with peoples hearts and feelings…and promises and proves  to have done no loss what so ever in the most trying of conditions.

Let me know what you think..this or that or …..what?

--*At least there is hope ...that's the difference between yesterday and today !!!*--

With Duas
Stay Blessed
Fatimah Agha

p.s please overlook my grammar and punctuation mistakes this was written in a real rush while baby sitting two kids :)

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