Sunday, December 16, 2012

Why did the shooting happen...whats happening to our children>

Why did the shooting happen...whats happening to our children?

 I live in Pakistan and we have problems of our own. but we dont have kids shooting toddlers....I have studied sociology and world history etc and feel i can comment about the deep rooted social problems that plague the American Society. Along with the Media that is a monster on the loose.

The fact that majority of the people cant maintain to stay in wedlock with one partner...if there IS a wedlock to start with...leads to the fact that majority of the children do not have a mentally calming and secure environment to grow up in. We all know how disturbing it is for children to grow up with single parents or lesbian and gay couples or parents who keep changing partners...because nature didn't intend it to be that way. why isnt there a natural way to procreate in a same sex marriage? if one were to study child psychology a strong family environment is essential for perfectly mentally healthy child.
a child in his secret thoughts always yearns to draw a family with a permanent dad and mom!!!!
the seeds of discontentment are sown here. mental health is seriously damaged.

The Media on the other hand promotes movies like the Batman and the homocidal clown.I couldnt even beleive that kids were watching such horror films..and yet parents let them. going around killing people for a thrill are not looked down upon, the censor board of Hollywood movies needs to take these things into account but they dont care about your child they only care about money. its sad how majority of the people find nothing wrong with these things. 

the fact that some kids have special needs..yes i absolutely agree . but the idea is that a bad environment that is emotionally and mentally unsatisfactory for a normal child will be worse for a child with special needs. When a normal kid is denied these basic family needs, there is no surprise he grows up to acquire special problems. becasue there is never a way to pin point what triggered a mental condition.

I feel very strongly that Americans are in a sand quick that is sucking away normal family life from them which is spreading all over the world....and the Media like i said is a monster on the lose. We need to fix these issues or else the degeneration of the society may lead to even worse incidents. May God Help us....but first we need to help ourselves.

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